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Dat heb jij gedaan…

woensdag, november 24th, 2021
dedicated to Gabriela Montuori

Drivers license

zaterdag, januari 30th, 2021
dedicated to Gabriela Montuori

Love will always find a way

vrijdag, juli 29th, 2011

Hour minute second eternity

donderdag, juli 28th, 2011
dedicated to Gabriela Montuori


They teached me that 1 hour has 60 minutes
and that 1 minute has 60 seconds

But they never told me
that 1 second without you
would feel like a eternity

Love always J

not everyone but someone

zaterdag, juli 23rd, 2011

a hug … I’ll take two

vrijdag, juli 22nd, 2011

woensdag, juli 20th, 2011

maandag, juli 11th, 2011

10 roses…

zaterdag, juli 9th, 2011

vrijdag, juli 8th, 2011